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Ford pranks unsuspecting blind dates with Mustang GT and stunt driver

By David Gianatasio. Persson, a leading stunt car driver, was hired by the automaker for a prank video from Team Detroit and production house The Work. The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe they’re auditioning for a new dating show starring Persson, and are unaware of her skills behind the wheel. After meeting in a bistro for supposed “chemistry checks,” Persson takes each for a spin in her red Mustang GT, which is fitted with hidden cameras, naturally.

At first, the dudes act all macho. One brags that he’s “a very adventurous guy.

To get the men into the bright-red, horsepower Mustang GT (rigged with hidden cameras), Ford set each of the guys up on a blind date with.

Forget what you know about speed dating, blind dates and even first dates. If you’re into cars , or even if you’re not, Ford just raised the bar with this new Valentine’s Day inspired video to celebrate the Mustang GT. In the hilarious video, professional stunt driver Prestin Persson meets several unsuspecting men in a Dallas coffee shop for a blind ‘first date’, before offering them a ride home.

Playing up to dumb blonde stereotypes, Prestin initially makes out as though she’s nervous about driving the big car, before taking her passengers into a deserted car park for some serious high speed fun! By the end, one even looks like he might be crying. You have to watch this Like this? You’ll love How to buy a new car the GH way How to save on car servicing costs More car reviews and driving tips.

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Ford pranks unsuspecting blind dates with Mustang speed dating

Entitled Speed Dating , the video begins with technicians installing hidden cameras inside the Mustang. Then a series of guys show up at a coffee shop for a blind date. After chatting a bit, the woman takes each of her dates for a ride in a shiny red Mustang GT.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an upcoming five-door electric crossover SUV produced by Ford. Charging is available via an AC home charger or DC fast chargers at up to kW. his father) to star in several teaser commercials for the car and host the Mustang Mach-E’s official debut on November 17, (​by date of.

We’re amazed at the misconceptions ahoof about those early classic Mustangs; those classified ads worded “For Sale Mustang. Truth is, there has never been a ’64 Mustang, ever. And honestly, whom are you kidding? Not much and yet everything. From 50 feet away, they look the same; close up, they host quite a number of differences. Early ’65 Mustangs have the distinction of being the first block of Ponies ever produced.

Female stunt driver puts a new spin on speed dating!

As the launch of the Ford Mustang approached, Ford was confident its new sporty car was on target. Its job now was to let the country know about this new kind of car. America had scarcely seen anything like it. With the curtain poised to rise in early , Dearborn marketers shifted into overdrive to get the public ready for Mustang. Though Ford previewed the showroom model at a January press conference, it put the information revealed under an “embargo,” meaning reporters weren’t supposed to go public with it before a date Ford had set.

This tactic is still widely observed in various industries, a sort of cat-and-mouse game between manufacturers and the Fourth Estate.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: price, power, electric range, pics and launch date. We’ve never seen a Ford Mustang like this before.

I’ve found my perfect date for Valentine’s Day on Saturday — a blonde stunt driver in a new Ford Mustang. However, these unsuspecting guys in the States didn’t know this smokin’ babe could do donuts for fun in the new ‘Stang – with hilarious consequences in this video. By Phil Lanning. Get the stories that matter to you sent straight to your inbox with our personalised newsletter. Subscribe When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mach-E name is inspired by the Mach 1 variant of the first-generation Mustang. Conventional door handles are absent on the Mustang Mach-E, and the vehicle instead features buttons that pop open the doors and a small door handle protruding from the front doors. Owners can use their smartphones as a key as well as a keypad built into the B-pillar. The interior has a wide dashboard and built-in soundbar; the dash is equipped with a vertically mounted The model will be launched with two battery pack sizes and three power outputs.

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The Shelby GT is a beast on the track. After a day driving around Las Vegas, I found something that surprised me: The GT is as comfortable on the road as it is on the track. The Shelby GT is an icon of motoring. The name implies a simple formula of stuffing a lot of power into a modest body. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT is a future classic, and unlike its predecessors, the car is memorable for more than just going fast in a straight line.

The GT was a monster. It was raw and unhinged and had the thumping soul of a muscle car from a bygone era. It was a Mustang in its purest form. Fast down the drag strip and prone to crash when burning out of Cars and Coffee.

1965 1966 Ford Mustang

Ford is a leader in the car industry and has brought a sneak peek of a Mustang-inspired. Soon the world will see what the “Mustang inspired” electric vehicle is all about with the new launch date of November 17th. The thrill of untamed electricity can be felt in the air as the new vehicle is heading this way. It’s time to get ready and meet the newest member of the family with the all new all electric Mustang.

Ford Mustang took unsuspecting guys on the ride of their lives in this over-the-top Valentine’s Day stunt, created out of Team Detroit. Various.

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