Cardiovascular disease may change many aspects of your life, but sexual intimacy does not have to suffer as a result. Thanks to early screening, lifesaving interventions, and sophisticated pharmacology, millions of people live full, active lives after a heart disease diagnosis. That can include sex. Although the physical and emotional strains of cardiovascular disease often take a toll on a couple’s intimate activities, there is ample reason to persevere. Joanne Foody, director of cardiovascular wellness services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Frequency and quality of sex are closely tied to a person’s general health. Many of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease conspire to diminish sexual enjoyment. Faulty circulation reduces the amount of blood that reaches the sex organs, which can lead to erectile difficulties in men. Women may not have the blood flow needed for vaginal arousal and lubrication. High blood pressure, diabetes, and depression can also interfere with sexual desire and response.

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On the morning of December 15, , year-old Christine Wayne woke up feeling tired and more rundown than usual. Although she had a cold that week, she thought she should feel better. I was so tired with every movement.

Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are the most common type of birth defect. As medical care and treatment have advanced, babies with a CHD are living longer​.

My health has always served as an extra filter for my relationships, romantic or otherwise. One man asked me to be his girlfriend on a Friday night and then broke up with me on Sunday, citing his desire for biological children as the sticking point. At 19, starting a family was far from my mind, but I had opened up to him about my inability to bear children while sharing more about my disease. Other PH patients had told me similar stories of rejection due to life expectancy, childbearing, and health maintenance issues.

One patient shared that his teenaged girlfriend broke up with him because she thought it would be too difficult to be more than friends when he died. Soon after my heart-lung transplant, I asked my nurse practitioner how long I had to wait before kissing someone on the lips.

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Atherosclerosis, with its clinical manifestations such as ischaemic heart disease IHD , stroke and peripheral arterial disease, is a leading vascular disease worldwide 1. The belief that atherosclerosis is a disease of the modern society is inaccurate. Studies in mummies dating as far back as BCE have evidenced the presence of atherosclerosis in all vascular beds and across various geographic regions, cultures and lifestyles of that time 1 , 2.

Although predisposing factors for atherosclerosis in ancient populations remain obscure, the use of domesticated animals and consequently a fatty diet , air pollution exposure to open fire and cooking in living quarters and frequent infections leading to increased inflammatory burden have been postulated 1. The whole-genome study of the Tyrolean Iceman, a yr-old glacier mummy from the Alps, revealed several single-nucleotide polymorphisms known to predispose to atherosclerosis in contemporary humans 2.

Ischemic heart disease is caused by an imbalance between the myocardial blood flow and the metabolic demand of the myocardium. Reduction in coronary.

Congenital heart defects CHDs are the most common type of birth defect. As medical care and treatment have advanced, babies with a CHD are living longer and healthier lives. Learn more facts about CHDs below. They can affect how blood flows through the heart and out to the rest of the body. CHDs can vary from mild such as a small hole in the heart to severe such as missing or poorly formed parts of the heart.

About 1 in 4 babies born with a heart defect has a critical CHD also known as critical congenital heart defect.

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I have been a WH member since the beginning, but just recently joined the online community. I am 47 and had my heart attack at 41, followed by more stents and other assorted health challenges. Over the past six years I have heard my fellow heart sisters discuss how supportive their husbands were during their surgeries and treatmentsI have also heard how marriages failed after a cardiac event. What we do not seem to discuss enough is how those of us who are single deal with dating and sex.

Interventional Echocardiography Meets Structural Heart. Disease: Speed Dating in DC. I was in New Orleans at the American Heart Association Meeting.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. The interactive map provides national, state and county rates for heart disease and stroke mortality and hospitalizations. A high sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. There’s too much in many common foods. High blood pressure often leads to heart disease and stroke. Disparities in Heart Disease and Stroke.

Prevention and Risk Reduction Strategies.

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Four-thousand-year-old mummies have cholesterol buildup in their arteries, suggesting that heart disease was likely more common in ancient times than once thought, according to a new study. Prior studies have examined arterial calcium accumulation in mummified human hearts and arteries using dissection and X-ray computed tomography CT scanning.

But these studies showed damage that only occurs in the later stages of heart disease and presents an incomplete picture of how widespread heart disease risk may have been thousands of years ago. Now, researchers have analyzed arteries from five ancient mummies from South America and ancient Egypt, detecting an earlier stage of atherosclerosis — when plaque collects on artery walls and restricts blood flow.

Five mummies dating to years ago had cholesterol buildup in their arteries, hinting that humans have been susceptible to heart disease.

Return to the tutorial menu. Ischemic heart disease is caused by an imbalance between the myocardial blood flow and the metabolic demand of the myocardium. Reduction in coronary blood flow is related to progressive atherosclerosis with increasing occlusion of coronary arteries. Blood flow can be further decreased by superimposed events such as vasospasm, thrombosis, or circulatory changes leading to hypoperfusion. Anversa and Sonnenblick, Coronary artery perfusion depends upon the pressure differential between the ostia aortic diastolic pressure and coronary sinus right atrial pressure.

Coronary blood flow is reduced during systole because of Venturi effects at the coronary orifices and compression of intramuscular arteries during ventricular contraction.

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This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Published online 2 April Nature doi Monya Baker. Fallout from nuclear bomb tests during the cold war has just yielded encouraging news for those searching for ways to reverse heart disease. Human heart cells that can generate cardiomyocytes in culture have been identified before.

up-to-date information on heart disease, the BHF and our services, see you are looking after? The person you look after may have had a heart attack, or.

This is the most common type of birth defect. But it is fully formed by 8 weeks into the pregnancy. Certain steps must take place for the heart to form correctly. Or a single blood vessel is formed where 2 should have been. Most congenital heart defects have no known cause. Mothers will often wonder if something they did during the pregnancy caused the heart problem. In most cases, no cause can be found. Some heart problems do occur more often in families.

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